Eat Crabcakes in Baltimore

Blue crabs aren’t just a delicacy in Maryland, they’re a way of life. Each year, more blue crabs are caught in the Chesapeake Bay than anywhere else in the world. Marylanders aren’t shy with their pride: you’ll see the crustaceans plastered everywhere in the state, from bumper stickers and billboards to t-shirts and accessories.

While steamed crabs are popular for backyard barbecues and family gatherings (see our Maryland Bucket List), in the city, crabcakes are the more popular pick.

Traditionalists will find the best crabcakes in Baltimore at Faidley Seafood, founded in 1886 and located in the World Famous Lexington Market. But Baltimore is a culinary destination worth exploring: visit a small neighborhood restaurant, try their take on Crabcakes, and find your own favorite while supporting small businesses.

Some of our favorite crabcakes in Baltimore include: