Tidal Basin

The 2.1 mile walking path surrounding the Tidal Basin leads to some of Washington DC’s greatest treasures, including the Jefferson Memorial.

At a depth of 10-feet and covering 104 acres, this man-made body of water harnesses the power of the tides, sending 250 million gallons of water from the Potomac River, through the Washington Channel, and into the Anacostia River at each high tide. Sediments swept along the way maintain the depth of the Washington Channel, keeping it navigable.

Tidal Basin Loop Trail Map (NPS)

Points of interest around the 2.1-mile Tidal Basin Loop Trail include:

  1. Japanese Lantern
  2. 1912 Plantings
  3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
  4. Japanese Pagoda
  5. Inlet Bridge
  6. Thomas Jefferson Memorial
  7. Crab Apple Trees
  8. Indicator Tree / Outlet Bridge
  9. Yoshino Cherry Trees
  10. Floral Library
  11. Kutz Memorial Bridge