The Health Museum

The Health Museum, located in Houston’s famed Museum District, is an interactive health and science center established in 1969 as part of the Texas Medical Center. It aims to foster curiosity about health, medical science, and the human body, making it a pivotal educational resource in a city known globally for its contributions to healthcare and medicine. This museum attracts over 180,000 visitors annually, offering insights into the complex world of medicine through interactive exhibits and cutting-edge technology.

Visitors can explore the human body in detail at the “Amazing Body Pavilion,” experience the journey of life in the “DeBakey Cell Lab,” or stroll through the larger-than-life “Giant Colon.” The museum’s ever-changing exhibits and programs, like real organ dissections and health screenings, provide immersive learning experiences for all ages. Its 4D theater brings medical science to life, offering a cinematic journey into the microscopic world inside our bodies.

As an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, the Health Museum connects to a broader spectrum of resources and exhibits; mirroring our own body’s dependence on the outside world for nourishment.