Six Flags White Water

Six Flags White Water, located in Marietta, just outside Atlanta, opened its gates in May 1984 as one of the premier water parks in the Southeast. Originally named White Water Atlanta, the park was rebranded after being acquired by Six Flags in 1999, cementing its status as a local summer staple. The park spans approximately 70 acres, boasting over 50 attractions, and has been a consistent recipient of the Golden Ticket Award for Best Water Park.

This aquatic wonderland is best known for its exhilarating variety of rides, from the adrenaline-pumping Tornado—a six-story funnel that plunges riders into a swirling encounter with gravity—to the family-friendly Little Hooch River, offering a gentler pace with scenic float paths. Notably, Six Flags White Water introduced the Typhoon Twister in 2011, combining a 67-foot drop and a massive bowl spin that have since become fan favorites. For thrill-seekers and families alike, the park offers an engaging escape with zones like the pirate-themed Captain Kid’s Cove and the multi-level interactive water fortress, Skull Island.

Did you know that Six Flags White Water recycles over 90% of the park’s water? This commitment to sustainability enhances the vibrancy of the experience, ensuring every visit is splashed with conscientious fun. Ready to dive into a wave of adventure?