Rhodes Hall

Rhodes Hall, often referred to as “The Castle on Peachtree,” is a grand Romanesque Revival mansion in the heart of Atlanta, built in 1904 by furniture magnate Amos Rhodes. It not only embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of early 20th-century Atlanta but also serves as a landmark of cultural and architectural significance. Originally a lavish family home, Rhodes Hall now functions as a museum and the headquarters for The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.

Rhodes Hall is distinguished by its stunning granite facade, intricate stained glass windows, and ornate woodwork. The interior boasts a majestic staircase, exquisitely detailed fireplaces, and a collection of original furnishings that offer a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the Rhodes family. Beyond its architectural beauty, the mansion is also known for its Halloween ghost tours and Christmas decorations, making it a vibrant center for community festivities.

Did you know Rhodes Hall houses one of the most complete collections of family portraits dating back to the Civil War era in Georgia?