Patterson Park

Covering 137 acres, Patterson Park isn’t quite the biggest park in Baltimore, but it’s often voted the best. Its sprawling landscape includes huge fields, a lake, walking/biking paths, playgrounds, athletic fields, a swimming pool, ice skating rink, and its most iconic feature: the Patterson Park Pagoda.

In the War of 1812, Patterson Park served as a key defensive position, especially in the elevated Northwest section known as Hampstead Hill. The park is named after Baltimore merchant William Patterson who donated its first 5 acres (and sold an additional 29).

The park’s most iconic feature is the 60-foot tall Patterson Park Pagoda, originally an observation tower built in 1891. It was designed by Charles H. Latrobe as a “people’s lookout tower” and has a distinctly Asian flare inspired by Latrobe’s fasciation with the Far East. It’s incredibly instagrammable, making it a popular spot among locals.