Mount Bonnell (Covert Park)

Mount Bonnell is among the highest points in Austin, offering easily accessible, sweeping views of the city that have made it a popular tourist attraction since the 1850s. Some would argue that Mount Bonnell offers the best city view in Austin, Texas.

The peak was named after George W. Bonnell, publisher of the Texas Sentinel newspaper in the 1840s. He was a journalist, adventurer, and the first person known to record observations of the landmark, first appearing in an 1838 diary entry.

Mount Bonnell also goes by two other names:

  • Covert Park: in honor of Frank Covert who promised to donate acreage for a park in the 1930s. His heirs made good on the promise in 1939.
  • Antoinette’s Leap: in memory of a woman who jumped to her death to escape Indians who had just killed her fiance.

Today, five acres of land atop Mount Bonnell is called Covert Park, and Antoinette’s Leap continues to serve as a piece of unverified local legend.