Mercer Botanic Gardens

Mercer Botanic Gardens, established in 1974, is a horticultural haven spanning 60 acres in the Houston area, embodying the vision of botanist Charles Mercer. This verdant paradise showcases the region’s botanical diversity and has evolved into a vital resource for plant conservation, education, and enjoyment.

The gardens boast an impressive collection of native and exotic plants, including bamboo, gingers, ferns, and endangered species, arranged in meticulously themed settings. Highlights include the Endangered Species Garden, Tropical Garden, and the extensive walking trails that meander through the diverse ecosystems. Mercer’s seasonal color displays and educational programs offer an ever-changing landscape that delights and informs visitors.

Beyond its lush foliage and tranquil pathways, Mercer Botanic Gardens plays a pivotal role in wildlife conservation, acting as a sanctuary for migratory birds and native fauna. Its intertwining trails and waterways create a natural mosaic that’s as educational as it is beautiful.