Memorial Park

Memorial Park stands as a tribute to the soldiers who served in World War I. Established in 1924, this 1,466-acre park intertwines history with urban green space, making it one of the largest urban parks in Texas. Its origin as a training camp during the Great War lends a poignant narrative to its lush landscapes, attracting over four million visitors annually.

The park’s allure lies in its diverse offerings: the Seymour Lieberman Exercise Trail, a renowned 3-mile jogging path; the challenging Memorial Park Golf Course, a top-rated 18-hole course; and the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, a 155-acre sanctuary for native plants and wildlife. Cyclists and volleyball enthusiasts flock to its dedicated facilities, while nature lovers revel in bird-watching and exploring scenic hiking trails. The recent Eastern Glades expansion unveils additional picnic areas, boardwalks, and wetlands, enhancing the park’s appeal.

Did you know that Memorial Park is part of the migratory path for many bird species, making it a crucial spot for birdwatching in Houston?