Lawndale Art Center

Lawndale Art Center, established in 1979 in Houston’s Museum District, is a pivotal space for contemporary art, fostering the careers of emerging Texas artists. As a nonprofit gallery, it has been instrumental in showcasing experimental works in visual arts, providing a platform for both local and regional artists to gain exposure and recognition.

Featuring four galleries, Lawndale presents a dynamic range of exhibitions, performances, and programs annually, with a keen focus on innovative and thought-provoking art. It’s known for the “Big Show,” an annual open-call exhibition that highlights new works by Gulf Coast artists, drawing attention to the vibrant and diverse artistic talents in the region. Additionally, the center offers artist residencies, providing creators with studio space, stipends, and exhibition opportunities to develop and present their work.

Its iconic building, designed by architect Joseph Finger in the Art Deco style, adds historical and architectural interest to the visitor experience- will it inspire your own creativity?