JPMorgan Chase Tower

Soaring at 1,002 feet, the JP Morgan Chase Tower is not only the tallest building in Texas but also a prominent symbol of Houston’s skyline. Completed in 1982 and designed by the renowned architect I.M. Pei, this 75-story skyscraper stands as the central hub of Houston’s bustling financial district. While the 60th-floor observation deck, once celebrated for its panoramic city views, has closed to the public, the Tower’s allure endures.

The building’s lobby, with its 55-foot-high ceilings and marble and granite finishes, reflects the grandeur and elegance that define the Tower. Outside, a striking 55-foot steel and cast sculpture by Joan Miró graces the plaza, enhancing the visual experience for visitors.

Located in the heart of Downtown Houston, the JP Morgan Chase Tower is surrounded by the city’s vibrant Theater District, Market Square Park, and a variety of cultural institutions. Its proximity to these landmarks, coupled with its architectural resilience—having withstood significant storm damage—makes it a compelling feature of Houston’s architectural and cultural landscape. Though visitors can no longer access the observation deck, the Tower remains a testament to Houston’s spirit and a pivotal point in the city’s spirited skyline.