Isle Royale National Park

The largest lake in North America (by surface area) is Lake Superior in Michigan, and within its waters sits a huge island (Isle Royale) with 400 smaller islands surrounding it. This area and its surrounding waters compose the northernmost national park in the United States: Isle Royale National Park.

Does an island on a lake sound small? The longest hiking trail in the park (Greenstone Ridge Trail) is 40-miles long and you can find an additional 125 hiking trails elsewhere in the park.

Shipwrecks reveal tales of this island’s previous lives, once filled with copper mines, light houses, and a resort community. The cold, harsh weather, nipping mosquitos, biting black flies, remote location, and seasonality keep the masses away, but if you enjoyed unspoiled wilderness, forests, lakes, and back country camping, perhaps this is your hidden gem: less than 100 people visit Isle Royale National Park each day.