Houston Museum of African American Culture

Located in Houston’s Museum District, the Houston Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC) is a cornerstone of Texas’s cultural landscape, celebrating the African American journey. Since its 2000 opening, HMAAC has been a vital venue for showcasing the stories, art, and achievements of African Americans, with a special emphasis on the local Houston and broader Texas context.

Exhibitions like “The Color Line” delve into civil rights histories, while “Soulful Creatures” explores animal symbolism in African American art, featuring local artists like Kermit Oliver, Texas’s own renowned Hermès scarf designer. Earlie Hudnall Jr., a Houston-based photographer, captures the city’s African American community with profound depth and realism. Special exhibits, such as “African American Military Heroes,” offer narratives that resonate with local and national pride, framed within the unique backdrop of Texas’s history.

HMAAC not only stands as a cultural hub but also as a reflection of Houston’s rich diversity and dynamic history.