Great Sand Dunes National Park

The tallest sand dunes in North America can be found at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. They reach a height of 750 feet, cover 30 of the park’s 167 square miles, and were first established as a national monument in 1932 to protect the dunes from gold mining and commercialization.

Climbing the dunes is a must! It’s a 5-hour romp up Star Dune (the largest) and the views from its peak are stunning. Equally fun is watching the gaggles of sledders taking the quick way down. If you visit between late May and early June you’ll get to see Medano Creek, a seasonal stream with unusual properties in a truly unique setting.

Elsewhere in the park you can hike through grasslands and forests, relax at serene alpine lakes, and climb overlooks on 14,000 foot mountains for a look down at the dunes previously towering over you.