Garfield Park Conservatory

This stunning glass structure has 8 indoor gardens, 10 acres of beautiful landscaping around it, and is home to 100,000 plants overall.

Highlights of the Garfield Park Conservatory include:

  • Palm House – the largest room of the conservatory at 65 feet high and 90 feet wide
  • Fern House – with an indoor lagoon meant to resemble prehistoric Chicago
  • Sugar From The Sun – a display that illustrates the magic of growing leaves
  • Desert House – huge collection of cacti and succulents
  • Aroid House – home to many popular houseplants and “Persian Pool” with 16 yellow lily pads
  • Show House – the site of spectacular flower shows throughout the year
  • Horticulture House – festive greenspace with bistro tables for snacking
  • Children’s Garden – features climbing vines that inspire families to explore growth

Garfield Park Conservatory is located within the 184-acres of Garfield Park and when it was built in 1908, was among the largest conservatories in the world. It remains among the largest conservatories in the United States.