Dry Tortugas National Park

These 7 stunning tropical islands are part of the Florida Keys, anchored by Fort Jefferson- the largest brick masonry structure in the Western Hemisphere – built with 16 million bricks and covering 16 acres.

The park is 99% water and difficult to access even by private boat. Those who make the journey, typically by way of ferry or seaplane from Key West (70 miles), will find significant shipwrecks to explore, coral reefs bursting with colors, crystal clear waters for unmatched swimming, the imposing and unfinished Fort Jefferson, and of course the loggerhead turtles (Las Tortugas) from which Dry Torgtugas National Park gets its name.

Explorer Ponce de Leon noted their abundance of turtles (tortugas) way back in 1513 and the fact that the islands themselves have no natural water sources contribute to the rest of its name (“Dry”).