Denver Zoo

The Mayor of Denver was gifted a black bear cub in 1896, who passed it along to City Park, marking the start of the Denver Zoo.

The zoo’s claim to fame came in 1906 when Mayor Robert W. Speer declared “the prison bars can be done away with”, pioneering a new era of zoological architecture. First up: the Bear Mountain Exhibit- by using concrete walls and moats, the Denver zoo was able to create a natural, cageless enclosure. This approach has been adopted and used across the world, providing a better lifestyle for the animals and better views for guests.

The Denver Zoo is now an 80-acre sanctuary for 550+ species, showcasing 3,500+ animals to millions of people each year. Whether it’s the 15,000 gallon stingray tank, Monkey Island full of primates, Predator Ridge with ferocious cats, 10-acre Elephant habitat, or one of the other dozens of exhibits, everyone will find something to love at Denver Zoo.