Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Encased in a distinctive stainless steel building designed by Gunnar Birkerts, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH), founded in 1948, is a prominent landmark of avant-garde art in the city’s Museum District. Its non-collecting policy means the museum does not keep a permanent collection, allowing for a dynamic showcase of temporary exhibitions that provide new and varied artistic perspectives with each visit.

Inside, the museum’s layout is dominated by the Brown Foundation and the Nina and Michael Zilkha galleries, offering visitors a spectrum of contemporary works, from paintings and sculptures to digital media and performance art. The museum’s early embrace of digital media art in the 1990s positioned it as a pioneer in the field, reflecting its ongoing mission to explore and present the cutting edge of the art world.

The CAMH’s commitment to the ever-evolving nature of art makes each visit unique- but first you’ve got to go once!