Bowers Museum

Founded in 1936, Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, near Anaheim, stands as a beacon of cultural enlightenment, showcasing an array of global artifacts that span across time. With over 100,000 objects, including significant collections of Native American, African, South Pacific, and Asian art and artifacts, Bowers has etched its name in the annals of history for offering immersive cultural experiences.

The museum’s fame is bolstered by its engaging exhibits like the Terra Cotta Warriors, showcasing China’s ancient army, and its permanent collections that include rare Pre-Columbian art. It’s also one of the few institutions in the United States to have hosted artifacts from Egypt’s famed Tutankhamun tomb. And it’s not just for art aficionados: community events like the annual Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival give visitors to the Bower a lot to look forward to.