Badlands National Park

If you like big buttes than we cannot lie, Badlands National Park in South Dakota is the place to go. These steep rocky formations, actually pronounced “byoot”, stand strikingly alone amongst the parks many desert canyons.

Loop Road (Highway 240) is a scenic route that everyone can enjoy, taking you through the park’s top sites, attractions, and views including Yellow Mounds Overlook.

The most famous trail in the park (Notch Trail) is a 1.5 mile hike that includes a ladder climb to the top of a cliff for an amazing view- it’s short but strenuous and should be avoided if you’re scared of heights. Castle Trail is just the opposite: at 10-miles it’s the longest trail in the park but it’s also one of the flattest, easiest, and least traveled.

Keep an eye out for Prarie Dogs (Roberts Prarie Dog Town) on your way to and from popular points in the park such as Panorama Point, Cliff Shelf Nature Trail, and Door Trail.