The Olmsted Linear Park

The Olmsted Linear Park, designed by the renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted Sr., unfurls along Atlanta’s Ponce de Leon Avenue. Conceived in the late 19th century, this park is an integral piece of Atlanta’s urban fabric, envisioned to offer a refuge from urban sprawl and preserve green space. This series of six linked parks, spanning approximately 45 acres, showcases Olmsted’s vision of accessible, communal outdoor spaces, a concept that has profoundly influenced urban park design across America.

Each segment of the Olmsted Linear Park—Deepdene, Dellwood, Shadyside, Oak Grove, Virgilee, and Springdale—boasts distinct characteristics and offers a variety of experiences. From the densely wooded Deepdene’s natural wilderness trails to the open, pastoral fields of Oak Grove, the park provides a diverse array of landscapes. Alongside, the historic Dellwood Park dazzles with its springtime azalea blooms, while Shadyside excels in its playgrounds and active recreational spaces.

A lesser-known fact about the Olmsted Linear Park is its role in Atlanta’s Olmsted Festival, an event that celebrates the legacy and landscaping genius of Olmsted with tours and educational activities. As you stroll through the same paths that have inspired visitors for over a century, might you spot the subtle design elements that echo the grandeur of America’s most famous parks?