Heritage Museum Of Orange County

The Heritage Museum of Orange County, sprawling over 12 acres in Santa Ana, is a historical gem featuring a collection of 1890s buildings, set in a picturesque scene of floral gardens and citrus groves. Known for enriching educational field trips, this museum offers a dive into the Victorian era (see the Kellogg House!) and Southern California’s agrarian roots.

Key attractions include the operational blacksmith shop, home to the Orange County Blacksmith Guild and their forging classes. The Gospel Swamp Farm, cultivated by local students, serves both as a living classroom and a source for the museum’s events. The museum is also spearheading the restoration of the John A. Maag Farmhouse, planned as a future hub for archives and exhibitions.

The Heritage Museum stands out as a dynamic venue where history is not just observed but experienced. Ready to step back in time and see history come to life in the most engaging way?