Heaven for 2 Days: Thanksgiving in the Sky

    Day 1:
  • Start your day with a stroll down the golden streets, taking in the majestic sights and sounds of Heaven’s wonders.
  • Make a stop at the heavenly marketplace, where you can buy unique gifts and souvenirs from the angels.
  • Take a break for lunch and savor the heavenly cuisine!
  • After lunch, take a guided tour of the sacred grounds and meet the angels that inhabit this divine place.
  • Day 2:

  • Spend the day exploring the picturesque landscapes of Heaven.
  • Visit the Garden of Eden and enjoy a picnic lunch with the angels.
  • Relax in the meadows with a tranquil meditation session.
  • End the day with a dinner at The Celestial Cafe and enjoy an evening of music, dancing, and delicious food.
  • LANDMARKS: Golden Streets, Heavenly Marketplace, Sacred Grounds, Garden of Eden, The Celestial Cafe

    DO NOT MISS: Exploring the picturesque landscapes of Heaven.