Hawaii for 5 Days: A Romantic Anniversary Retreat

    Day 1: Arrive on Oahu, where you will be greeted by palm trees swaying in the warm ocean breeze and turquoise waters ready to explore. Spend some time soaking up the sun at Waikiki Beach before dining al fresco with sunset views of Diamond Head in view.

    Day 2: Take an early morning helicopter tour over lush rainforests and breathtaking waterfalls, followed by a relaxing day of spa treatments at Halele’a Spa or snorkeling along Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve’s vibrant coral reefs & exotic sea life. Finish off your evening stargazing from La’ie Point Lookout before heading back to town for dinner!

    Day 3: Today you’ll embark on an adventure through Kualoa Ranch’s 4,000 acre preserve that has served as backdrop for many famous movies & TV shows including Jurassic Park & Lost! Explore secret valleys full of ancient history before returning to Honolulu for dinner at one of its renowned seafood restaurants overlooking Ala Moana beachfront park..

    Day 4 : Visit Pearl Harbor Memorial site which commemorates those who died during WWII then take a stroll around downtown Honolulu taking in all its cultural gems such as Iolani Palace – former home of Queen Liliuokalani –& Aloha Tower Marketplace – known as “The Place Where Hawaii Begins.” Later enjoy cocktails while watching hula dancers perform traditional Hawaiian dances under moonlight sky..

    Day 5 : Enjoy leisurely breakfast while overlooking Pacific Ocean followed by drive up North Shore towards Shark’s Cove where you can marvel at majestic waves crashing into shoreline rocky cliffs . Feel free spend few hours shopping souvenirs from quaint marketplaces scattered throughout countryside until it is time head back airport catch flight home

    LANDMARKS : Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head ,Halele’a Spa ,Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve ,La’ie Point Lookout ,Kualoa Ranch Reserve ,Iolani Palace,Aloha Tower Marketplace ,Pearl Harbor Memorial Site Sharks Cove

    DO NOT MISS : Helicopter Tour Over The Rainforest And Waterfall Of Kualoa Ranch